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France is a little bit of everything country. It is known as the birthplace of fashion trends where well known fashion designers reside and develop new fashions to the market. They are also the makers of the dresses of well known celebrities and several leaders. It is also popular for saloons and spas. In addition, it is also the capital for romance in the world. The setting, the scenery and the culture in itself is romantic. Moreover, the country also has beautiful beaches worth for a holiday break. For the finale, the country in itself is reach in history and culture. These two factors are the main reason why the people of this country are so brilliant, in personality, style and philosophy.

Every region in France has their unique blend of specialties to offer to their visitors. They have their own charm and beauty. To start with, here are the lists of top places for holiday in France. Go over with them and decide your destination this coming holiday.

First is Paris, it is the most popular place in France. It is known for its romantic setting, people and culture. By just hearing the name of the city, romance is the first thing that you would surely think of. Aside from romance, the Eiffel Tower is also situated in Paris. It provides a panoramic view of the city. Moreover, the Louvre, the Opera, the Sacre-Coeur and Saint Germain can also be found in Paris.

Almost every province in France are industrialized, however Alsace was able to preserve its traditions and natural beauty. It is a place filled with geranium, a blooming flower from pink to red in color. Alsace is mainly French in political and social aspects but they are more German on their cuisines and delicacies. Once you are Alsace, never miss to taste their own blend of wine or your visit in the place will be incomplete.

Burgundy is a perfect place for traders and tourists. The Canal of Burgundy connects with Yonne and Saone rivers that run from the north to south Burgundy that provides a great route for barges. The river is also used for boating tourists to provide travelers a river view of their tourist spots. Burgundy is also France wine capital. It is known for their red and white wines that are made from best quality grapes. Since there is a high demand of there wine, it is expensive than any other wine in the country.

Brittany is known for their carved monuments or megalithic art which populates all over the peninsula. It is also known for its calvaries, a crucifix monument on their roadside. Overall, this place is populated with monuments that attract tourists all over the world. Aside from the monuments, Bretons have a good taste of music. They revived their folk music during the seventies and improving it to folk rock.

Normandy is gifted when it comes to geographical attractions. Limestone cliffs are visible on the east and granite cliffs on the west. The place is also filled with several beaches at their central region. Normandy is also gifted with dairy products. Their creams and butter are used for gastronomic specialties.

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Article Source: Top Places For a Holiday in France

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