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France is an amazing country with some truly wonderful cities. I’ve taken on the difficult and controversial task of narrowing the list down to a top 5 cities you should see on a luxury holiday in France.


Nancy is a must visit on a holiday in France mainly because it carries an air of dignity and refinement rarely found in cities in England. As well as some lovely architecture and some fascinating museums, the city offers a sophisticated feel all the way to its shops which feel almost designed for window shopping.


If you’re looking to explore Provence, there’s only one choice of where to book a hotel in France. Avignon is an old graceful city, full of jaw dropping art and architecture. The experience begins from the approach, when you take in the wonderfully preserved stone ramparts which circle the city, and won’t end until you’ve seen the famous bridge (the Pond d’Avignon), the medieval fortress and the Palais des Papes (the papal palace). But perhaps the ultimate pleasure is people watching – now a thriving student city, it almost rivals Paris as a place to sit and watch the world go by. A must on any luxury holiday in France.


When you’re faced with a city the size of Lyon, you can be sure there’s a huge amount of things to do to appeal to all tastes, and the city does not disappoint. As France’s second largest conurbation, it’s no surprise to see that the city contains outstanding art galleries and museums, a thriving nightlife, fantastic shipping and plenty of gourmet evenings out. If this all sounds too fast paced, there’s also the historic old town, which has enough cultural significance to be designated a UNESCO heritage site. Lyon is essential for someone looking to experience big city life outside of the capital on their luxury holiday in France.


Pretty and cosmopolitan, Strasbourg is a cultural haven, and a must-visit if passing through Alsace. You can feel the taste of Europe in so much of the city, from the European Parliament to the Franco-German TV network which bases itself here, and it’s this welcoming international feel that makes Strasbourg such a great place to wander around. On top of that it has some splendid restaurants, cafes and excellent museums – all great ways to punctuate visits to the towering cathedral and old city. Just make sure that you’re not looking for accommodation here when European Parliament is in session – you may need to look elsewhere in France for a hotel!


Paris really needs no introduction, and is the first call on most luxury holidays in France. The best thing about it is that it can be so many different things to so many different people – it’s a shopping wonderland, a cultural epicentre, an architect’s dream and the best place in the world to enjoy a gourmet meal. It’s also got more iconic buildings and landmarks than many entire countries manage! All of these elements combine to ensure that Paris is the best city to visit in France, if you’ve somehow managed to miss it so far.

No doubt many people will disagree with my list, because a luxury holiday in France offers so many different things to different people. Whether you feel others should have been included or not, one thing is certain: all five of these places are well worth any tourist’s time. Consider this list when you book a hotel in France, and the luxury holiday you have will be truly memorable.

Kieron Sellens is the marketing manager of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AiTO). With an AITO holiday in France, you can tailor-make the dream holiday – whether you want piste pleasure or family fun.

Article Source: The Top 5 Cities to Visit in France

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