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Calais is a port town, is located in Northern France, and is an important gateway for those travelling between England and France. Its proximity to England is something that makes the town's culture a mix of French and English.

Travelling from England to Calais is easy, and you can use a train or car to cross the Channel Tunnel to get to Calais. The distance between Dover and Calais can also be covered on a ferry.

If you are interested in history, then Calais is a place that will help to satisfy your curiosity. There are many fortresses you can visit. These include the La Forteresse de Mimoyecques, Blockhaus and La Coupole.

The La Forteresse de Mimoyecques is the most interesting, mostly because of its network of chambers and tunnels. By exploring the fortresses you have the ability to feel as if you are living back when the fortress was built. There is also Fort Risban, which has a history dating back to the 16th century. You can find more information about the war here (wiki reference).

If you are interested in the events of the First World War, you can visit the cemeteries and battlefields of this time. Some of these battlefields people visit as pilgrimage destinations. In order to provide an insight into the conditions of the war, some of the trenches have been kept in their original state.

Those who have an artist within should pay a visit to the Muse des Beaux Arts et de la Dentelle, where many remarkable artworks and sculptures are on exhibition. The artworks are mostly watercolours. Another interesting thing to do is learn about the history of lace-making.

The market place of Place d'Armes is in the centre of Calais. In the centre of the town there is the Town Hall, built in Flemish style. There is also a church in the centre of the town and what makes it worth seeing is its unique Gothic style, and the fact that it is the only Gothic style church in France.

On the market square you can see some statues, which were placed by Rodin with the intention to foster feelings of equality and humility. One experiences a variety of intense emotions while walking past these figures.

There are many seaside resorts that you can visit. These include Boulogne-sur-Mer and Le Touquet. Other than these, there are also other resorts like Hardelot, Wissant, Gravelines, Wimereux and Berck-Plage. There are many pubs, restaurants, and bars where you can have a leisurely time and enjoy yourself.

There are also wine emporiums, which have different varieties of good quality wine in stock.
An important annual festival in Calais is the Festival De La Cote D'Opale, where many music celebrities hold concerts in the town.

There are plenty of accommodation choices available for your stay in Calais. There are Calais hotels, B&Bs, inns, and lodgings. You can get accommodation in the town centre and also around town.

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Article Source: Calais a Port Town in Northern France

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