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Going snowboarding in France for the first is not as easy some may think it is, because the high amount of skill required for balancing on the board. This is essentially something that requires plenty of practises and one would need to be accustomed to doing things that takes up a lot of leg strength and balancing techniques. For those who have had very little experience on a board or have never experienced the thrills of skiing will find snowboarding intimidating.

Going snowboarding in France may not always be a good idea for beginners, as they are not familiar with the terrains. Places like Vallee Blanche and Chamonix are ideal for experts and professionals, as the slopes are far more challenging than they are in places like Tignes or Courchevel. Resorts with tougher slopes and challenging off-piste skiing, are good for more experienced skiers and snowboarders. These make for a good way to stay fit whilst enjoying a holiday break and making the most out of learning a new sporting skill.

Resorts in France can vary from old to new. The older ones are largely untouched, incorporating the original features and allowing some parts of the mountain to be enhanced or improved. There is very little in terms of having the modern nightlife, which is more common in newer resorts. Beginners would benefit most with booking snowboarding or skiing lessons, in order to gain confidence on the slopes rather than chancing it through learning from friends. It is always best to learn from a trained professional, who is able to guide you through which slopes are safe for you and give you encouragement on how to improve.

When snowboarding in France, beginners may feel put off from seeing many experienced snowboarders ride the same slopes. Many of the French people and locals are friendly, so there is no need to feel too intimidated. However, a lot of them will have lived in the resort for all or most of their lives, so skiing and snowboarding will have become second nature to them. It is always a good idea to find out which resorts are best for beginners, bearing in mind that there will be people with more experience going to the same resort as well.

One thing to remember when snowboarding in France is the cost of travel to and from the airport. This can be as much as the holiday itself, which is why you should always do your research on how to avoid spending too much on something that can be done under a reasonable price. Travelling by train or on ski lifts is generally cheap and can often be fun to travel. You should always make sure that you how you are going to transport all of your snowboarding equipment. The easiest way is to book a cheap taxi in advance, or make sure the travel is included in the holiday price.

Another single most important thing to organise before travelling up to France for some snowboarding action is travel insurance. This seems obvious; however, it is surprising that many people no matter how experienced they are feel they do not need insurance seeing as they have qualified coaches at hand to help. This is true to a certain extent. Nevertheless, getting travel insurance will cover any medical costs, costs of damage to third party and replace damage to equipment.

Keep in mind that when going abroad, you are not completely familiar with how things work in that country. Cost of medical facilities are expensive, as well as cost of air ambulances (for more dire situations), leaving you out of pocket and possibly facing legal action against you. This is the very last thing you would want seeing as you want spend your time recovering rather than stressing out over making multiple payments.

Anna Stenning enjoys going snowboarding in France, especially during the winter as a way of getting over the winter blues.

Article Source: Snowboarding For Beginners In France

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