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France is a highly diverse country. Think of its climate alone. A combination of stormy summers, lesser rain, and colder winters exists inland. Close to the Alpine mountains, the temperature can even fall below freezing point. Meanwhile, people who are living in the southeast region will experience a French climate perfect for a little sailing in Mediterranean.

Yacht charter in France in the famous Côte d'Azur is in many ways more fitted to those who prefer to find their pleasures ashore. Sailing into such glittering places as St Tropez, Cannes or Antibes is an experience that is difficult to find anywhere else and it is worth the long diversion just to spend some time among the most beautiful collection of yachts in the world. Excellent facilities are at Antibes, in the St Tropez-Cogolin area and in Toulon. Many harbours east of Toulon charge from noon to noon, not on the basis of a 24 hour period from arriving. Also, there is plenty of charter yachts available in this area but crew experience could be tricky.

Close to the French Riviera is Cannes, a little city and commune located in the southern part of France. Besides hosting one of the prestigious art festivals in the world, the Cannes Film Festival, many tourists flock Cannes to enjoy its yacht marina. Taking a stroll means feeding your eyes with the loveliest docked sailing yachts and motorboats owned by some of the richest Europeans. When the weather seems fitting for a Mediterranean cruise, you can watch a majority of them gliding through the crystal blue waters of French Riviera. For the average tourists, however, you can find perfect view of them in Quai St. Pierre.

The principality of Monaco depends on its tourism for a bigger portion of its income. Every year, numerous tourists arrive in its ports to while away time in their casinos or to simply relax in its pleasant climate. Sailing in Mediterranean is most convenient in Monaco as it continuously improves its piers and harbors. This is to accommodate the growing number of cruise ships hoping to dock in there. Monaco is also very near to the French Riviera, which is sought after because of its splendid beauty.

The island of Corsica, off the Mediterranean coast offers a wide selection of ports and incredibly beauty. As with any France destination, it is ideal to visit Corsica outside of the peak summer season, as you will struggle to get space, even at anchorages. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is a favorite holiday destination for sailors from nearby countries, as well as, of course, the French. West coast and East coast offer the best facilities and services, so if you require repairs head to either Ajaccio or Bastia.

Sailing through the famous Côte d'Azur means choosing either of the two fantastic Mooring locations: Nice or Hyères. The glamour of Nice could be attributed to how the people were able to keep their long-standing customs and traditions. Day in and night, there are numerous activities you can explore. Cours Saleya, a very colorful Nice market, is filled with vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Drop by -François Square for experience the lively fish market.

Hyeres, on the other hand, is a French coast lined with culture and fine cuisine. Its mountains meet the sandy and windy bays of the country. The place is also an invitation for a good look at the Golden Islands. It features unspoilt preserves of nature such as the Ile de Port-Cros and Ile de Porquerolles.

There is a system of winds that blow from the coast towards the centre of the sea. These winds have different names, depending on location: Scirroco, Ghibli, Khamsin, Meltemi, Etesian, Bora, and Mistral all blow from the land towards the sea. Prevailing winds are northerly and South Westerly, South Westerly (occasionally very strong to gale force) due to endless stream of low pressure cyclones arriving from the Atlantic Ocean. Winds along the Mediterranean coast and Corsica are more variable, but generally less severe.

Sailing in Mediterranean means bringing with you a lifetime of wonderful memories. It's more than just cruising along the river or the sea. It also implies meeting wonderful French locals and simply relaxing into France's beautiful midday sun.

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Article Source: Guide To A Yacht Charter In France

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