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Each element of the tourist sector is regulated to assure quality, yet varies considerably to cater for different tastes and different budgets.

Camping is a very popular option especially for those on a budget or families. There are over 10,000 campsites in France, and before the image of half collapsed tents and unpleasant ablution huts pops to mind; think again. Campsites in France are regulated by the government and star ratings are given just as in a hotel. A four star campsite, for example, may have better amenities than a three star hotel; swimming pool, horse riding, launderette, shops, restaurants, and children's play grounds. Plus you can find campsites that allow pets, and the cost would be between 15 and 25 Euros per night.

When you chose a bed and breakfast you will usually be asked if you want to eat dinner with your host, and as French bed and breakfasts are in private residences, this is a lovely extra touch. Housed in an apartment, chateaux, or cottage, there will never be more than 5 guest rooms, and a good hearty breakfast is always included. You should expect to pay between 40 and 80 Euros for 2 people sharing.

Gites are also a wonderful option, but often only for larger groups as finding one for 4 people is quite hard. This is self catering chateaux or cottage that has been decked out especially for visitors. There will usually be a fully equipped kitchen, a large living area and then the rest of the rooms will be sleeping quarters with several people sharing a room. A Gite makes extended family holidays possible, and is a much nicer option for large groups of friends than a hotel. It is possible to rent a Gite for a smaller group; it just won't be as economical. Prices are based on the gite being full, and you should expect to pay between 10 and 30 Euros per person per night.

Finally, Bienvenue a la Ferme is a government run scheme in which over 5,000 farms participate. The idea is to offer visitors a rural experience of France.

Accommodation may be in the farm house itself, in a bed and breakfast, or camping, and you also have the option of educational farms where you get to learn the basics of farm life. In addition, you get to experience real country life, with the real gastronomical treats that go with it in the farm inn, or snacks at the farm house. You will also be able to take local produce home with you from the farm shop. If your interests are wider than food however, you will find all sorts of entertainment available at different farms, ranging form swimming to hunting! The cost depends on which type of accommodation you choose, but a farmhouse inn should cost between 45 and 90 Euros for two people sharing, whilst camping should cost between 2 and 10 Euros per tent.

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Article Source: The Best Options For Accommodation in France

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