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People living in the northern United States enjoy making casual trips to Canada for a variety of reasons. It is a beautiful country. Many people go there on vacation, for a weekend away or on business. Visiting a French speaking nation on vacation makes you realize that it can be uncomfortable and even a little scary when you don't understand what someone is saying to you. You may even feel like a burden to the people that have to translate for you. Many people who live near the Canadian border comment that they would love to speak French. But what is the smart way to learn all of the aspects of the French language? Free online French courses are available in a variety of options.

Some people would like to learn French with the use of books. Reading and writing French and being able to speak it are completely different. Books can be an effective way to learn words and phrases, but they do not give you confidence that you are pronouncing the words correctly. Emphasizing the correct word in a sentence is very important in any culture. Saying the same sentence can be either complimentary or offensive, depending on the way you say it. The only way to really understand this is to hear the language spoken fluently and be taught what words should be emphasized and why.

Others like to learn just by listening to the language being spoken by natives in real conversation. You will benefit from this approach because you would understand the accent and pronunciation of words and phrases. This is intriguing; however it leaves a lot to the imagination and a lot to assume. This technique can also take a very long time and since there may be no verification that you are speaking the language correctly and a lot of mistakes can be made. Ask permission to record the conversation so you may listen to it multiple times.

Some people feel that verbal lessons are the smartest way to learn French. While this is a good way to understand how to pronounce words and what phrases are well accepted, the spelling of certain words is not always clear. If you are going to be driving in an area where the signs are French, the last thing you need is to stop and figure out what the sign says. Reading anything from menus to corporate materials, it is important that you not only speak and understand the language, but you have to be able to read and write it as well.

By combining all of the above techniques, you can efficiently and accurately learn to read, write, and speak French. Knowing how to write a sentence in French will do you no good when you are looking for directions in an unfamiliar town. You have to be able to speak French fluently. You have to know and understand every aspect of the language in order to effectively speak and read it. Many free online French courses combine audio and visual techniques to better help you learn French.

Going to another country can be unsettling, especially if you are unprepared. Find a smart and effective way to speak, read, write, and understand the native language. Colleges offer French courses in a classroom atmosphere and you can find any number of online French courses on the Internet. Knowing how to speak French when you're visiting a French speaking country can ease the pressure and you will enjoy your vacation all the more!

Speak French like the French do! Take French language courses and classes online and speak French with confidence. Visit for a free demo lesson.

Article Source: Learn French for Your Weekend Getaway or Summer Vacation

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