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Learning a new language may sound pretty intimidating to some. With so many differences between languages on Earth, what happens if you pronounce something incorrectly and offend someone unintentionally? Printed books or papers that teach languages often cause just that type of situation simply because it is difficult to "see" accents and pronunciation. Even the most effectively marked punctuation marks may be misunderstood and ultimately mispronounced. Overall, the best method of learning a foreign language is via audio CD or other audible means.

Audio and Video French Lessons

The best way to learn is to do. That simple fact can often be applied to anything in life. CD and Video based French lessons allow each person the opportunity listen, read and speak. Some CD-ROM based French lessons are comprised of print, audio and video to give a better-rounded feel for the language itself. You see the words in print so you can read them while hearing them spoken by a native French-speaking person. This particular method of learning French teaches reading, writing and speaking simultaneously.

Organization and Realism

Like anything else in life, anything worth doing is worth doing well. Organization is a key issue where any type of education is involved. Language CD-ROMs and DVDs are often structured to start slowly and build up gradually. First you will learn words like greetings and salutations that are used on a regular basis in real world situations. After you've mastered greetings and initial conversation-starting words, you'll slowly move on to more complex question and answer situations. The ability to hold a real conversation will come more quickly than you may realize. Within as few as 4 hours of lessons, you should be able to hold conversations in a relatively natural tone.

Anyone can learn to read and speak French. If your primary goal is to simply speak the language, any online French lesson or even offline French lesson will do. Talking word-by-word and using a language-to-language dictionary is something the amateur tourist does just to get by. By doing this travelers are not only more likely to offend someone unintentionally, they may also find themselves in undesirable circumstances. The inability to ask appropriate questions and fully understand the answer could mean the difference between a mistake and a great international vacation.

On the other hand, if you are looking to fit seamlessly into French society on your upcoming European vacation, speaking the language very well is imperative. You must not only be able to speak the words of the language; you must be able to sound French in your pronunciation of their words. French lessons that incorporate print with audio and video are the most desirable and a very smart way to learn French.

CD-ROMs and DVDs on learning foreign languages are nearly endless. When choosing the online French program that works best for you, do thorough research and make the smart decision. Choose a program that implements printed text, audio and video conversations between native French speaking individuals. The best way to learn a language is to hear it, then speak it. French CD-ROM based lessons offer the flexibility of reviewing each lesson as many times as it takes to learn the words, lesson and conversation taught in that lesson.

Speak French like the French do! Take French language courses and classes online and speak French with confidence. Visit for a free demo lesson.

Article Source: Learn French the Smart Way

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