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As the old saying goes "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," or in this case "When in France, speak as the French do." Part of planning your international vacation should include learning to speak the language of the country you plan to visit. It's only smart; and considerate! Being able to communicate in French may save a lot of time and embarrassment along the way.

Understanding vs. Speaking

Research has shown that if you understand more than you can speak, you may still carry on a conversation in a foreign language with ease. In fact, 65 percent of the French words researched in the study appear in every single French conversation. When you learn the basics of the language and the most commonly used words, you have a good understanding of conversational guidelines. This basic understanding makes it much easier to learn to communicate in French.

Smart travelers plan every aspect of their trip in advance. Many invest in online French courses to learn or brush-up on their French conversational skills. For some, speaking French isn't nearly as easy as simply understanding it. Having a basic understanding of multiple languages is smart. French is one of the most common second-languages spoken around the world. Job applications will often inquire about the languages you speak fluently; then about the ones you understand, but may not speak.

Learn French Conversational Skills

Americans often slur or chop our words; the same is true with other languages. Some learn French courses teach specific properly written sentences. While this is great for learning to speak the language, it isn't the best way to really learn French conversational skills. Instead of pronouncing every word properly, fluent French speakers often use shortened words, simply because it's easier and more efficient.

If you're currently planning your international trip and would like to learn French online, a wide variety of websites are available. The course you choose to study depends primarily on the way your brain works. Visual learners may learn more quickly with flash cards and photographs, while audio learners will need to hear what they're learning. Streaming or downloadable videos and audio segments are a great asset while learning a foreign language. Accents on specific letters in words are difficult to relay via text only. Things to look for in an online course include:

* Fast - Some online French courses offer to teach you the basics of the language within a few short weeks. This may seem like a long time, but the self-paced lessons let you learn at your own pace. You control the speed at which you learn. An online French course that may take one person 3 weeks may only take you 4 hours.

* Easy - The ability to study and learn French online shouldn't be a painful or time-consuming process. Students should look forward to practicing their new skills and the next lesson. The online French course should be fun, fast and easy to understand. A good professor will even make sure their course is easy, but not so easy it becomes boring to their students.

* Structured - Structured learning is the best method. The lessons should be well-structured so you learn in sequence and at a steady pace. There is no need to learn the end of a conversation before the beginning. The French language is very fluid and romantic, even if you're talking about whose turn it is to walk the dog.

* Real - Anyone can learn to speak words in another language. A great online French course will teach based on real conversational values. Single words never got anyone very far and they do not make a good conversationalist. The course should include full French conversations and offer students the ability to join them.

* Inexpensive - Money, money, money. The cost of an online French course doesn't mean it's the best or the worst on the market. Several websites offer inexpensive or even free French lessons and quizzes. If you've already invested in an online French course, be sure to try out some of the free quizzes available online to put your conversational skills to the test.

Speak French like the French do! Take French language courses and classes online and speak French with confidence. Visit for a free demo lesson.

Article Source: Learn to Speak French Before Your Vacation

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