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A kiss is one of the most intimate and sensuous things you can experience with another person. A French kiss is even more of a sensual experience if done correctly. There are ways to French kiss that are not comfortable for both involved so you need to just exercise some basic steps in order to enjoy.

A French kiss an open mouth kiss that involves moving your tongue in and out of the mouth of your partner as they do the same. This kind of kissing does require practice and most people find it sloppy and difficult at first.

Whether you are getting ready for your first kiss, or you are an experienced kisser and just want to improve the skill with a partner, French kissing will definitely heighten the sensual activity.

Many practice often and make whole hearted attempts but the truth is, tips on ways to French kiss will benefit many folks tremendously. People do experience apprehension about French kissing, some more than others, so suggestions that can be available before hand tend to be greatly appreciated.

Right off the bat, first thing to do is to relax! Take a deep breath and let go of any tension in your body the may be transmitted to your partner. Put your arms around the person you want to kiss, definitely take the time to gaze into their eyes and send a sensual message visually.

Begin with a normal kiss that should be relaxed, not too firm and not too aggressive. Do not be forcing yourself or act clumsily with the other person. Those actions only send a negative message. You want to send a sensual message. Take your time and relax.

Closing your eyes is an option you may want to consider but definitely not necessary. Once you have started your relaxed, sensual kiss, gently open your mouth and softly nudge the other person's mouth open using your tongue. Again, not too aggressively since sensuality is the key.

Move your tongue inside the mouth of your partner and playfully touch their tongue. At this point you do want to be aware of their body language. If they seem anxious or start to pull away, stop what you are doing and slow down. If they open their mouth more and seem to be receptive, keep on doing what you have been only with a little more passion.

Ways to French kiss really do not vary much but saliva is a common thread among those that engage. As the kissing gets going, saliva build up can be a problem. With all the passion going on, be sure to swallow otherwise you may begin to have a mess and that can be a turn off for some. Try to keep the lips tight but the tongue relaxed.

Remember, the option of looking into the eyes of your partner before and during the kissing may significantly affect how they receive the kiss in a positive way. This might heighten the excitement level even more for both involved.

Kissing is one of the most natural things that we do as humans and it certainly should be a relaxed, enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, many people get so focused on their technique that they forget to include the passion. Do not miss out on this wonderful experience and stay passionate throughout.

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Article Source: Discover Ways To French Kiss

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