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Learning another language can be difficult. But if you have the right method and a good instructor, it is easier than expected. Use the approach that fits your learning style best and you'll be speaking French within a few short hours. Many online French courses employ audio and visual techniques that help build a real understanding of the language as it is spoken.

Some languages are romantic, beautiful, and almost sing to you. French is one of them. Famed cartoon character Pepe Le Pew made French fun, bold, and easy for children to pick up on. Now you can learn French online just as fun and easy as watching videos. Not only can it be an adventure to learn another language, it is a smart decision to speak French. Whether you are going to Canada, France, or want to be worldlier, it is a lovely language to learn.

What is Your Learning Style?

There are many ways you can learn to speak French. The course you choose depends entirely upon what your learning method is. Everyone fits primarily into one of three categories: Audio, Hands-on or Visual.

Audio Learner: Audio learners rely on their sense of hearing for the information they seek to learn. They need to hear what is being said, how it is being annunciated, and when to put emphasis on words or syllables. These are all very important aspects of learning French. Online courses make this very easy by providing clickable links to audio clips.

Hands-On Learner: Some people only need to read what the words are and based on the placement of accents know how they will be pronounced. While this is not common, some people find this type of learning is easier for them. Hands-on education often works particularly well for those who already speak more than one language fluently.

Visual Learner: Videos and flash cards are the visual learner's friend. The ability to read what they're hearing and follow along reinforces the finer parts of the language. Online French courses offer the opportunity to do just that.

Make the Most of Each Learning Method

Most people need a combination of all three learning methods. In fact, this is the smart way to go when you decide to learn French online. Knowing how to speak the language is not enough. You need to understand how to read and write it as well. Reading, speaking and understanding is the best way to go.

For example, the way a word sounds can be very different than the way it is spelled. In English, "ph" and "gh" can sound like an "f". It is not always the same in French. When you think you have it correct, you may not. You want to appear smart, and you want others to have confidence in your abilities.

Language and Culture go Hand-in-Hand

It is also very important that you learn French from someone that understands the French culture. Why is this important? Something that you may think is funny and witty may be insulting to someone of another culture. When you choose to learn French online, be sure to use a program that will help you steer clear of these mistakes and potential humiliation.

Being knowledgeable and smart about how you learn another language is just as important as the actual learning process itself. Know your options and your resources. It makes all the difference when learning French. Use an online French course that makes the most of each learning method and teaches via full conversation; not just a word here or there.

Christian Aubert is a French linguist who invented and developped the Smart French method. learn to speak French with confidence by taking Online French courses. Get your free demo lesson at

Article Source: Are Online French Lessons for You?

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