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French is often said to be the language of love. Many persons want to learn this flowery language but are constrained because of one thing or another. Two major stumbling blocks for those so inclined are time and the cost of lessons. These don't need to be deterrents with the number of online French courses available.

There are the standard methods of attending classes and using audiotapes. Then there are lots of other ways to make learning French fun and natural. These new methods allow the student/learner to set their own time to study. Plus, in many instances, payment can also be structured to be more affordable. Some of these are:

* Watching movies or listening to music in French

Watch movies in French. This can be done with or without subtitles. Overtime, the essence of the movie or song lyrics will begin to make sense. Subtitles will help the persons trying to learn a language make sense of some of the words they are hearing in the new language. This technique works best if you own or have ready access to the movies for repeated viewing. Plus, it will allow you to stop and rewind to sections you didn't quite get.

* Tape yourself speaking the language

Listen to yourself speak the language, and pay special attention to intonation and pronunciation. After a while you will pick up where you are going wrong (if you are). Hearing yourself speak another language also helps to build your confidence. Plus, you can gauge your own progress when you listen to a native French speaking person and compare yourself to them. Give the tape to a native French speaker and ask for advice on areas where you have difficulty speaking the language. Listen to recordings from online French courses.

* Immerse yourself in the culture

This can take different forms. You can visit places where the French language is spoken. Some persons actually take the time to go and live in France. There is really no better way to learn a foreign language than to live among people who speak it. If going to another country isn't an option, you may know someone who speaks the language. Tell them that you are learning and want to communicate with them only in French.

* Find an online friend who speaks French

The Internet has made the world into one big, global playground. Finding an online friend who lives in a French-speaking country isn't that difficult. Once you have found such a friend, try to communicate in French. Take an online French course to surprise your new friend. You may well find that the person wants to learn your language. So you could write in French and they respond in your native tongue.

* Use CDs and other audio-methods

There are CDs that teach people how to speak French. Buy some and teach yourself the language. Many are designed for the learner's competency level. Some types are for beginners while others are geared towards the more advanced learner. Even very experienced speakers can find something to help them improve.

* Play Games

No one said that learning anything, even a foreign language, cannot be fun. Find some French games such as crossword puzzles and word searches to improve your vocabulary. The Internet has lots of both free and paid French language learning games. Some of these games can even be printed off if you want.

Each person learns differently, so the best technique for one person may not be for another. This is especially true for adults who do not pick up foreign languages as easily as children do. Try a number of techniques and select the ones that you are most comfortable with. Using a combination of techniques to learn a foreign language is the smart thing to do.

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Article Source: What are the Best Techniques to Learn French?

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