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Doors are as old as the Egyptian tombs. The early examples of doors found at the Egyptian tombs were constructed of thick slabs of rock fashioned into a screen that could be hauled across an entrance. In the subsequent years doors have developed immensely. The range of doors that are available these days is expansive and there are a vast range of different designs and versions of doors.

Indeed there are thousands of sub categories of doors and as a result doors can be found for all types of opening. Indeed what can be easily discarded as a simple item that covers a doorway can actually be an extremely sophisticated piece of equipment. There are a number of different designs that have been developed to cater for the broad range of tastes. Doors are designed to open in accordance with the needs of the space they are covering, offer security, noise reduction and to also look good in the area in which they are used.

There are a massive range of different types of doors. Some of these different types of doors are as follows:
The trapdoor is a door that is used to cover the entry to a cellar or loft. The door opens horizontally and is often used between different floor levels. The trapdoor is often attached using hinges which enables the door to be opened and closed with minimum effort. The trapdoor is synonymous with scary places and a children's animated TV show was created to tell the story of a number of ghoulish creatures that lived under the trapdoor.

The stable door is a type of door that as the name suggests is typically used in a stable. The main feature of the stable door is that it is similar to a conventional door that looks like it has been cut horizontally and either half can be opened. The design enables the top half of a horse to peer over the entrance and be fed whilst keeping the horse in the stable by preventing it to walk out of the stable. The stable doors are often also referred to as Dutch doors. They have become popular in modern houses that want a method of letting more light into the house on a sunny day and they are also often installed as novelty features.

The swing door is synonymous with the old western films where the movie hero kicks open the door and shuffles through whilst the door swings in and out behind him. These doors are usually equipped with a hinge that can open both ways which enables it to swing. The door is often kept in place using springs that encourage the door to return to a closed position when it is left alone. The most popular version of these swing doors are the Saloon Doors that are typically waist high and made of a lightweight wood structure that is comprised of a number of thin panels that are put together with spaces between to allow light through. These doors are also sometimes known as batwing doors.

The French door is a door that has many windows that are designed to let a great deal of light through. These doors usually have a number of different window panels which are not see through but rather allow light through. Many of these panels are made of different coloured glass and are often created in a decorative manner.

Shaun Parker is an expert on doors. He has worked with french doors, external doors and interior doors.

Article Source: Everything You Should Know About French Doors

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