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French Polynesia is perhaps the most beautiful as well as romantic destinations on the planet. Located halfway between Australia and South America, French Polynesia is a French overseas collectivity in the South Pacific Ocean.

Popularly known by the name of its core island, Tahiti - French Polynesia is a constellation of more than 115 volcanic as well as coral islands and atolls. The islands in French Polynesia are grouped into five groups, such as, the Society Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands, and the Tubuai islands.

Blessed with majestic mountain peaks, lush vegetation, and clear sparkling water, French Polynesia's each island has its own unique flavor and charm. An amazing blend of beauty and tranquility, French Polynesia is a safe destination, with awe-inspiring attractions and amicable traditional Tahitian people.

Island hopping is the quintessential way to explore the magical beauty as well as interesting folklores associated with French Polynesian Islands. In other words, island hopping in French Polynesia is a great way to experience the unparalleled beauty of islands while enjoying a variety of recreational as well as adventure activities.

The glory of French Polynesia undoubtedly lies in Tahiti, its main island. Just few among many of its attractions are Tahiti lagoonarium with more than 1000 species of marine life; James Norman Hall Home; which served as residence of the renowned author, James Norman Hall; Point Venus, a historic site; and Paul Gauguin Museum, with an array of artifacts such as sculptures and wood carvings. Situated about 150 miles northwest of Tahiti and about 2500 miles south of Hawaii, Bora Bora is another much famed French Polynesian island. Bounded by verdant tropical flora, white sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons, and turquoise water, Bora Bora is indeed an island paradise.

Magnificent islands in Society Island group also include Moorea, which is about 16 km Tahiti. As in the case of other Tahitian islands, Moorea is enriched with several myths. According to legends, a lizard with golden skin was abandoned by its human parents. As a result, it got stranded on Emeho reef. But, the gods turned this lizard into this Island. Indeed, Moorea is truly a jewel of French Polynesia.

Above all, many of the islands in Society Island such as Tahiti and Bora Bora are popular venues for weddings.

Situated more than 1500 km south-east of Tahiti, the Gambier group of islands includes 14 beautiful mountainous islands. These islands together are home to a myriad of stone buildings in the form of churches, presbyteries, convents, schools, weaving workshops, bakers' ovens and watch towers.

The islands in the Marquesas group are about 1200 km north-east of Tahiti. Marquesas consists of six inhabited islands and six unpopulated islands.

When comes to Taumotu, it is an archipelago of over 75 low islands, spread across more than several hundred miles of the eastern Pacific. Taumotu's highlights, among many others, are Rangiroa - the second largest atoll in the world, Manihi - where the South Seas gem was first farmed; and Fakarava, which is much famed for its various black pearl farms and tranquil white sandy beaches.

Also known as Austral Islands - Tubuai group islands are spread over 1200 km of the South Pacific. Included in this group are such incredible islands as Rurutu, Tapa, Raivavae, and Rimatara.

With five island groups and more than 115 incredible atolls, island hopping in French Polynesia would be really enjoyable. What you will need to make your island hopping a memorable experience are one whole week, leisurely mood, and an expert travel consultant. Island hopping in French Polynesia can be done in several ways.

One of the classic ways to perform island hopping in French Polynesia is through yacht cruise, with itineraries ranging from two to seven days. Usually, yacht cruises are mostly offered in the form of packages covering superb onboard facilities, sumptuous meals, and basic provisioning such as beverages and snacks. For those who want to do island hopping in an adventurous way, then one of the best options would be via rowing boats. In addition to yacht cruises, other popular ways for island hopping are through plane and helicopter.

When you choose travel consultants for island hopping, it must be checked whether the packages offered by them cover trips to much famed islands of Polynesia. There are some service providers that customize island hopping packages. Many hotels and resorts also now provide excellent opportunities for island hopping in French Polynesia, along with other activities such as hiking, canoeing, and kayaking.

Six exclusive luxury Sofitel and Novotel resorts in French Polynesia, including a private island, offering outstanding natural beauty, sparkling turquoise waters, and all the romance of the South Seas to travelers and honeymooners in search of the ultimate paradise island experience.

Article Source: Island Hopping in French Polynesia

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