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When a home is clean, smells fresh, and is well put together it creates a wonderful atmosphere and presents a lovely aesthetic. However, even the most beautiful, high class home needs unique decor and eye catching home accessories to keep its appearance updated and produce a cohesive and pleasing look. That’s where the beautiful style of old world inspired French linens and table accessories can enhance your decor.

Since the early 1800’s many of the finest imported table linens and home accessories have come from France, and in the modern day the glorious damask style meets an updated simplicity for an end result that is wonderfully chic. Only the finest cotton threads are woven into divinely luxe fabrics of satiny texture with vivid silk screen designs and distinctive patterns and craftsmanship for a truly inimitable look. It’s the perfect little touch to add a nouveau riche air to any home or dining room, as the beauty of artful and brilliant prints makes a one of a kind impression wherever they’re displayed. And now, for added panache, any would-be entertainer can appear to be a maverick, because the French textile industry has also perfected something else: high tech, stain resistant coating.

The amazing acrylic and Teflon coatings now being added to the surface of these masterpiece linens allow the fabric to retain its color clarity, texture, and softness, while preventing even the most dastardly of stains from setting in. Also, as a bonus to those consumers who may be searching for a greener way to keep their home décor in vogue, it bares mentioning that not only are the glazes on these linens environmentally sound, but they’re also sure to save gallons of water every year, as they need to be laundered far less often than standard table coverings. It’s nothing short of amazing how easy and time saving the upkeep on coated luxury linens is. When a spill threatens the cloth, removal is as simple as hot water and a sponge, and even substances that would have destroyed other luxury fabrics can be removed by machine laundering. Air drying, of course, is always a must, and the reverse side of the linen is able to be ironed as any regular textile would. Just a few of the products now available with this masterful and money saving marvel include: Table cloths, table runners, aprons, and exceptionally lovely coordinated placemats.

With this new found awareness of just how undeniable the benefits of owning coated and stain resistant French table linens are, the most pleasing part is yet to come, because many of the top names in the French home textile industry are making their products available right here on the world wide web. That’s right. It’s now easier than ever before to give your home or dining room a special little touch of je ne se quoi. And there’s never been a better time to reap the benefits of a higher payoff to your eyes, your carbon footprint, and your wallet.

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Article Source: Coated and Stain Resistant French Table Linens

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