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The French are known for their refined tastes in everything, whether it is their food or their lifestyle itself. Naturally, their furniture cannot be left behind, as this is something that defines the very place that they live in.

French country furniture is something that is not just popular in France, but it is popular in most parts of Europe and even in the American continent. The furniture is typified by its lazy gracefulness, which adds a great deal of accent to any room that it is present in.

The colors of this furniture are the first things that grab the attention of everyone. The colors are quite reminiscent of Provence and the rural French countryside. So, you are sure to see a lot of sunny yellows, rustic browns, teal greens and blues and even some blazing reds in these kinds of furniture. The furniture is made in such a way that it can fit in well within the decor of casual homes and elegant chateaux.

French country furniture uses wood predominantly. Different types of Mediterranean and coniferous woods are used in the manufacture of these kinds of furniture. The most commonly used wood types are maple, pine and walnut.

Carvings in the wooden furniture are an important point of their decoration. Even the furniture itself is quite elegantly designed, and does away with the straight cuts that we often associate with wooden furniture. These swirling curves add character to French country furniture. An example of this is the very popular ladder-back chairs which have highly stylized backs, armrests and legs.

However, the curves are somewhat less prominent on dining tables that are used within the French country decor styles.

The typical components of French country furniture are armoires, dining table sets, trestle tables, buffet tables, cupboards, kitchen tables, beds, nightstands and such. Some other specialized furniture items such as bars, corner display cases, fireplaces, study tables, cabinets, etc. can also be made using French styles.

One of the most unique features about French country style furniture is that there is a lot of variety here. People who make these items are free to be unconventional and experiment, and the same kind of freedom is enjoyed by people who use this furniture style within their homes. However, one common element about this furniture is its breezy, carefree style, which still makes the decor quite elegant and chic.

Most of this furniture style is a reminder of the French feudal times and its charm is still because of the antique feel that it carries with aplomb.

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Article Source: Learn More About French Country Furniture

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