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French wine is renowned throughout the world and having a proper storage system for them is a must for anyone who has a collection of French wines. The French wine rack can be used to store a number of different types of French wine and, since these wines are made differently, they need proper storage so that they remain enjoyable over a period of time. The Red Bordeaux, the Red Burgundy as well as the two different types of Beaujolais wines need proper storage and so the wine collector needs to have a French wine rack.

A Number of Different Choices

There are a number of French wine racks available and one such is the Chateau 23 Bottle Wine Rack, which is a part of the Bordeaux Collection that evokes the elegance of the French Quarter, having a graceful styled gun metal finish and wrought iron and brass-colored accent rings. The Bordeaux 23 Bottle Wine Rack is 13-1/2" in width and 36" in height and can take in 1.5 liter as well as one liter bottles of wine. When one orders one of these French wine racks, they will be sent packaged in an eye-catching gift box and, the price of it is $60.

For a smaller French wine rack that comes out of the Bordeaux Wine Rack Collection, the Petit Chateau Wine Racks (5 bottles) is ideally suited since it also evokes the elegance of the French Quarter. The dimensions of this French wine rack are 17-7/8" in height, 10" in width and 6" in depth, though the depth is actually found from the number of wine bottles to be stored, because they will extend over the front, and the back. They can be sent to customers, gift wrapped in attractive gift boxes and cost $23.

There is another, even smaller French wine rack, called the Bordeaux 3 Bottle Wine Rack, which is a steel wine rack that has been designed to give more functionality and better appearance and, is black in color. The intention behind this French wine rack creation is to integrate excellent quality with superb craftsmanship as well as provide long lasting durability to produce a well designed product which will last longer, besides being good to look at, as well. To make this French wine rack give a lifetime of service, this heavy gauge steel and steel wire wine rack has been given a black powder coat. The dimensions are 9-13/16" in height, 16-1/2" in width and 7-3/8" in depth. The cost to the buyer is just $11.

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