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For the most of people living in the Western Europe, it is an ordinary event to spend a weekend in Paris. There is a special attraction in the first weekend of each month as at that time the museums offer free admittance. That is a sweet offer for all Parisian museums, including famous Louvre.

Paris is so well connected to many major European cities with the Thalys trains. Such trains cover the distances to London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Brussels. The part between Paris and Brussels is one the highest velocity tracks where the trains run as fast as 300 km per hour. This would give the passengers a feeling of almost flying. The distance of 350 km between Paris and Brussels, the train covers within 1 hour 20 minutes.

If you travel from Cologne, it will take you 4 hours to reach Paris. There are still construction works in the parts between Cologne and Brussels and the train cannot reach its maximum velocity. Overall the train Cologne-Paris makes 3 stops before reaching the final destination: in Aachen, Liege and Brussels. You may start your journey at any of this stations.

With only 4 hours to Paris, it is then possible to have your coffee and croissant at Champs Elysees if you catch 7am Thalys from Cologne. Then already at 11 am, you will be charmed by Paris. Such a temptation! If you travel to Germany, you can always make a little detour and spend couple of days in the city of love and great shopping!

So how much will such an adventure cost then? The earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper price you get. But be aware that high speed trains to Paris are almost always sold out. You can buy a ticket online and print it on your own printer. The personal on the train will "read" a code bar on your print-out with the special device, that insures that forgery is impossible.

There are some other factors that might effect the price of the ticket: number of people travelling, the age (there are youth discounts) and the return ticket. So make sure to check different options. And see you in Paris.

The stations where high speed train will make a stop: In both Brussels and Paris there are several train stations. In Paris the international trains runs from Gare du Nord and in Brussels from Brussels Midi. It is important to know which station you arrive to especially if you make a further connection that could be from the different location.

Brussels Midi for instance is not exactly in the city centre, so if you plan some meeting in the city, allow yourself some time to arrive there. In Brussels Thalys runs through all 3 major station: Cental, Midi, Nord, but will only stop on the Brussels Midi - the biggest and the most modern station. If you are going to make an appointment with someone right on the station, make sure the person knows where you arrive.

Anni Pelmeni travels Europe a lot and shares her experience on her blog about budget travels in Europe. She has travelled many time with high speed train and has some hints and tips as to how make your travelling affordable and staying within your limited budget. Travelling on your own could be easy and inexpensive.

Article Source: With Express Train From Cologne To Paris Via Aachen And Brussels

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