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There are free French language software downloads which only offer a fraction of what the original versions offer, however, there are also some which can be 100% downloaded for free, but can only be opened online. The good thing about this online learning is that it offers everything which the expensive ones offer. They include learning of basics of the French language, teaches the users the much needed phrases that can make anyone order from a French menu confidently, they have tests that assess the progress as well as games, articles and word of the day.

This actually makes it easier for those who are really interested in learning on their own without having to spend too much. Especially great for students who are learning the language in the school setting and feel that extra help is needed. What is nice is that these online learning sites have articles from users which other users can read and share as well as blogs where the learners could ask other students about certain questions they have on the language.

The articles are really the bonus here. They encourage the users to practice reading French with interesting topics that can actually help in the grammar and vocabulary. As most are written in conversational French, this makes the absorption of the language and the reading and comprehension to improve. This will use the immersion technique and make it easier for the user to think in the language instead of translating from English or whatever other native language is spoken. Thinking in French is the best way to make the learning very fast.

The French games make the mind and the brain work faster, in French. That is the whole point. The speed of the games will make the thinking in French work extra hard and will encourage the learner to learn more and better, to beat the games. The approach to the games is to actually test the level of progress the learner has made and beating the different levels will actually show that the learner has learned more than thought possible at first.

Learning French online was never meant to replace traditional learning in the classroom setting. However, it is fast gaining the preference of students and others because of the flexibility that it offers. Others find that they learn faster without all the added pressures, some find that they like learning on their own. Some younger teens find the allure of learning online more attractive than the school setting. Whatever the reasons, these online sites have made vast improvements on their approaches to teaching and they are just getting better at it every day.

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Article Source: French Language Software - Learning Online

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