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A few days ago I decided I wanted to finally visit Tuscany again. The first time it was absolutely beautiful. One problem - I don't speak Italian and a lot of the Tuscans do, and it's all they speak. Old country Italian. I'm sure everyone has seen the translation books that you carry around with you. These can be clumsy and annoying. If someone says a whole sentence to you, you have to flip back and forth to a ton of pages and by the time you find what you thought you were looking for, its gone.

Out of your memory bank like that! If you want something easier, you might want to try something I found online. There are actual online translation sites available and they are free. This is a really good idea for those of you that have a blackberry and whatnot and you can visit the net through your phone. Then, you could just visit a site such as this, type in whatever you need translated and voila its done in seconds. And you can also translate what you want to say back in English to Italian - or whatever other language you want for that matter. Let's see just how easy and quick this is!

English: I need to go to the store and pick up some milk, cheese, eggs, and bread.
Italian: Ho bisogno di andare al negozio e scegliere un po 'di latte, formaggio, uova e pane.

That took me about 3 seconds to type it in and copy paste. And if you don't need to do a copy paste then its even quicker to say it. Some of these sites even have an online language dictionary. So if someone says one word to you such as Hello, Goodbye, Stop, Move, Go, Stay - whatever, you can just put in the word in whatever language they are speaking and it will translate it into English or whatever language you want it to. Its very easy. Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it! It obviously helps if you know how to say the words, but really when you visit a country most people are kind enough to let your "vowels" slip so to speak. So if you say Bon-sore instead of Bon-swaw, they aren't going to tar and feather you!

Just try your best. You might get some giggles but at least they will know what you are saying! Some of the languages include Albanian, Croatian, Finnish, Galician, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Thai. The list goes on and on and on! One site I visited online had well over 45 different languages available from Albanian on down to Vietnamese. These sites could seriously help you out in a bind! Now you can go on that worldly vacation you always dreamed about, and you don't have to worry about not speaking their native tongue. Bonjour!

This Author is a huge fan of Online translation and dictionary. Many languages

Article Source: Would You Like To Teach Yourself Another Language?

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