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Greek language courses have a huge range in terms of their quality. Some will give you a brief introduction to the language. Others may be able to get you very near to fluent very quickly. Some are inexpensive, some are more costly. However, in order for a Greek language course to be good, it must have these five things. What are they? Read on to find out.

#1 - Clear Indication of Level. If a course identifies itself simply as a "Greek language course," you should assume it's a beginner level course. The best courses usually identify the level at which they're at so you can choose which course to pick. For example, if you're at an intermediate level, you want to pick a course that's identified as an intermediate level course.

#2 - Have Some Kind of Audio. If you just want to learn to read and write Greek, you don't necessarily need to learn from audio. However, if you want to speak Greek conversationally, you must learn from someone who speaks Greek or learn from a course that includes audio.

#3 - Regular Practice. Studying once a week just isn't enough. Language experts all over the world agree that the best way to learn any language is through immersion. That means any program you study should have some kind of action you can take on a daily basis that will help you integrate what you're learning.This cannot be stressed enough, daily consistent practice is the secret to learning to speak any language.

#4 - How Professional is Product? You can often judge how high quality the product itself will be from how professionally done the entire package is. Does the course look like it was carefully created with care and attention? Or does it look slapped together?

#5 - How is The Course Presented? A lot of courses are presented in a dry, "This is step 1, this is step 2" manner. This method generally isn't as effective as other methods simply because it doesn't engage the user as much as other methods. Interactive or immersion methods have a much higher retention rate than rote learning. Even if it's as simple as repeating back words, that's still much better than just learning by rote.

When you're picking a Greek language course, keep these five criteria in mind. The course you choose can have a big impact on your learning curve. Choose carefully and happy learning!

David Sharp has lived in Greece for 15 years, he is a fluent Greek speaker and can tell you that using a Greek Language Course is easier than you may think. Take your first steps to speaking Greek by visiting:

Article Source: The 5 Things Every Good Greek Language Course Must Cover.

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