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There are lots of ways to learn a foreign language. In addition to the methods used to teach and learn, there are also other tips that can increase your chances of success. Apart from actually attending classes or using interactive tools, success depends on other attributes as well. No one has to use all of the tips outlined below, but even one may prove useful to the eager learner:

1. Practice, practice, practice. It takes lots of practice to learn and become competent at speaking, reading and writing a foreign language. With practice and use, you will find yourself effortlessly communicating in French or any other language. If you don't use your new language however, you will find it difficult to remain competent in speaking it. Online French courses offer the ability to hear real conversations between native French speakers.

2. Set realistic expectations for yourself as you learn the language. If it is a totally new tongue, don't expect to be speaking like a native after a few classes. This will call for you taking responsibility for your own learning. The Internet is teeming with online French courses that offer the ability to create your own schedule.

3. Make learning words and vocabulary a major part of your learning program. You will need to know new words and their meanings. Set yourself daily or weekly targets as to how many new words or phrases you plan on learning. Make flash cards to help you learn new words. French flash cards are often very fun for children and they work just as well for adults. Flash cards can be made small enough to carry around in purses or tote bags. These are perfect for using when waiting in line or at the doctor's office. One technique is to write the word in the language you are learning on one side, and the meaning in your native language on the other.

4. Start a blog to document your journey towards learning a new language. A couple of things may happen to help you succeed. Writing about your successes and failures will make it more real. Plus, if you enable comments others may offer advice and support. You may also learn French online by reading other blogs written in French.

5. Set aside specific blocks of time to practice what you have learned. This time can also be used to learn new words or practice speaking the language. Once weekly study sessions will not help you develop proficiency in any language. Try to carve out time each day. Online French courses allow you to learn at your own pace. Once you have committed yourself to a particular schedule during which to learn French, stick to it.

6. Don't become discouraged. Everyone learns at different pace so don't be put off if you seem to be making little progress. Some things will be easier to learn than others. When you are stumped learning something new, revise what you have already learnt. It will strengthen what you now know, and in most cases will be easier than the first time you did it. This will serve to encourage you to continue.

7. Enjoy your lessons. The key to learning any new language is to just relax and enjoy learning as you go. Be aware that you will make mistakes, and try not to be too conscious of yourself. Being overly critical of yourself will only cause you to give up; don't allow yourself to fall into that category. Laugh at yourself to get over awkward moments if you're learning French in a classroom setting.

These tips alone cannot make you become a fluent French speaker. A proficient French teacher or the most expensive software cannot make you master a new language. Success is totally dependent on your desire to learn the language. Once the desire to learn French is there, get the right training and dive in.

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Article Source: Seven Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

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