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An experienced service writer often pointed out that routine and full auto maintenance according to the owner's manual did not cost - it paid overall with reduced automotive total costs and budgets as well as enhanced vehicle reliability vehicle the auto product in question was truck ,car ,SUV or even transport bus.

A long standing auto dealer of repute pointed out that sure you can ask to speak directly to the mechanic - yet that costs the firm time and money of the mechanic being taken away from his repair stall and backs up the whole shop. A good auto service writer should be able to correspond , communicate and reassure the customer that all is well and as well act on their behalf. This auto dealer had worked up his service departments and writers to the point of professionalism that they often received gifts and Christmas cards from grateful clients and motorists? One experienced motorist - who was a professional medical doctor - noted that he would never deal with an auto repair shop or facility where he could not look the mechanic in the eyes and shake their hands. Sadly the local garage is not a fixture in our communities or motoring pastimes to the greatest degree now. We often have to deal with lackadaisical big box stores or higher quality auto dealership service departments - who for their expertise and overhead charge higher prices. Modern vehicles in 2010 are highly technical and electronic , gone are simple mechanical arrangements and simple points and spark plugs. Cars are a lot more difficult and expensive to fix , diagnose and repair. All and all this is why you should take the time ahead of the call and drop off at the service department to clearly plan and enunciate your auto's symptoms,problems and difficulties. Its worth the effort and saves you time and expenses down the road . Of course often delays occur. These guide questions could lead to pinpoint the problem faster. The details that you could provide to the technician can lead to less time searching what the source of the problem is and more time in actually fixing it. We go in on the agreed time expecting to take our car out and ending up being informed that they need more time and it's not fixed yet. It can be very frustrating. Owning a vehicle - be it new or pre-owned car, truck or SUV is a major responsibility and some say a hole in the water or roadway that you pour great amounts of cash into. Be prepared to max out your credit cards.

First of all it is important to have full and complete as well as concise descriptions Nothing could help the mechanic better than accurate and detailed descriptions of the problem. Sure, a trained car mechanic could definitely find out what the problem is. But by providing better descriptions of the issue, he could shorted the diagnostic time and move on actually fixing the problem.

You could also help a lot in the process t by providing the following information: Understand that these are little pieces of the puzzle. Provide them to your mechanic and he will start putting the puzzle together to get a better picture of what's happening:

1. Point out since when did it start to happen and for how long

2. Inform the mechanic of any changes made before the issue occurred

In describing the problem, you could use multiple senses. What did you see, hear, feel or smell when the problem is happening? Did you see some smoke? How did the engine sound? Hear any clunks on the front end. One auto driver coming home one night from a computer repair hit a large unmarked 36 inch, 6 inch deep hole in the pavement . This was in the middle of a construction area. Only , by the fact that he took the time and effort to take photos and snap shots of the construction area was he able to hold the construction company legally and financially responsible via their insurance policies? Did you smell any leaked gasoline or oil?

Yet for most people they need simple and reliable transportation either to get to the job or job-site or to transport friends and family be it out to a movie , a summer roadside vacation or to the supermarket grocery store. Provide them to your mechanic and he will start putting the puzzle together to get a better picture of what's happening.

Effective communication with your car mechanic can help you save time and money. Faster diagnostics; faster car repair; and more time on the road. 1. Be specific and complete ' when describing the problem get into the specific details. Here are some guide questions to help you. When did the problem started happening? How has this been happening? What has changed from the time it was working properly up to now? What did you see, hear, smell and feel when the issue was happening. If you are not 100 % satisfied that the job is done to your satisfaction - then its not a good enough job or perhaps you might ask yourself "Might I have some hand in this by either not detailing the problem fully or not explaining it properly ?" After all the people and workers at auto service centers and garages are not "mind readers". Atta boy Ted. Also, know what you paid for, so go ahead and check the bill. These simple suggestions could help getting your car out of the shop in less time, and more time on the road.

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Article Source: Do Your Speak the English Language to Your Truck Service Rep ?

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