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Visual thinking creates imagination in many autistic individuals. Many think in visual pictures to help them convey and process their words. To some people they believe this is nonsense, but it is a helpful tool to realize, words are a different language to autistic people. Due to this fact, when they see things in terms of words, they view them in the form of pictures or images. Therefore, when they read or hear sounds it becomes translated into pictures, which helps them learn and communicate better, connect their messages and create new ideas.

There are numerous children and adults with autism, who do not know how to form words verbally or speak them, but they have excellent visual skills, that become their language to communicate. This unique attribute is, many visualize designs and how they are used. Because of their sharp imagination, from hearing and listening to words, they can form these words into pictures and create images, which is not nonsense.

The other amazing skill, that some autistic people have, which is not nonsense, is, they store and assimilate information in their head, as though they had a computer and they transform it. Pictures and images are a process that people who have the disorder of autism, aid and assist with their variety of learning abilities. Visual images are a plus for them to learn different words that have nouns and vowels.

It has been discovered, that most written words appear to be abstract for autistic individuals and it is difficult for them to focus on and store them in their memory. This creates a different language for them. One excellent point that has been brought to the attention of experts, is one can purchase some plastic letters at an art supply store, hardware store or hobby store, that the child can hold and feel, which enables the child to read and spell the words. By doing this, it encourages their visualization to form images and understand what they represent and relate it to our language.

If you have seen autistic children/adults work with jigsaw puzzles or try to find their way around. in unfamiliar surroundings, they seem to show strong and impressive, tendencies and abilities to think in visual terms and put the jigsaw puzzles together, rather quickly and find their way around in areas that are new to them.

Parents, caregivers, or teachers, who work with autistic children, are becoming aware of the fact, that they are now being educated to understand, associative thought patterns, that words to autistic people are a different language and it is not nonsense.

Do not be discouraged with your child if he or she is autistic and they might have a difficult time speaking in words. They may be hearing sounds and seeing objects to form a language that is pictures instead of trying to converse in words. This may be a different language of communication, but it is not nonsense. This is their way of you trying to understand how to use words and language, in addition, making a connection.

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Article Source: Are Words Nonsense Or a Different Language To Autistic People?

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